What’s the International Informatics Olympiad (IOI)?

The International Informatics Olympiad (IOI) is an annual international programming competition for high school students. The competition is organized by the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) organization, which is made up of representatives from member countries.

Many countries participate in the IOI, including but not limited to: China, Russia, Poland, United States, Turkey, Iran, Romania, Bulgaria, India, and South Korea.

Typically, students participate in national level informatics competitions in their home countries to qualify for the IOI. The number of students representing a country at the IOI is determined by the country’s performance in past IOIs and the number of students participating in the national level competitions.

Participants advance in standings by achieving high scores on the problems given to them during the competition. The scores are based on the number of problems solved and the time taken to solve them. The top-scoring students are awarded gold, silver, and bronze medals.


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