Write a Python function that sorts a user-input string entry.

def sort_string(string):
# Split the string into a list of integers
nums = [int(x) for x in string.split(‘,’)]
# Sort the list of integers
# Join the sorted list of integers back into a string
sorted_string = ‘,’.join([str(x) for x in nums])
return sorted_string

This Python function sort_string(string) takes in a string as an input, which is expected to be a list of integers separated by commas.

The first line of the function uses a list comprehension to split the input string into a list of integers by using the split() method and the int() function.

The second line sorts the list of integers in ascending order by calling the sort() method on the list.

The third line uses another list comprehension to convert the integers back into strings, and then it uses the join() method to concatenate them back into a single string, separated by commas.

Finally, the last line of the function returns the sorted string.


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